Archive for January, 2004

Import script

January 25, 2004

I forgot to re-enable my import script last night, so if you’ve uploaded in the last day you’re going to need to do it again (oh yeah, and your data got wiped. sorry about that!). Everything seems to be working good now though.


First run of collaborative filtering

January 25, 2004

I’ve added a first run at some collaborative filtering. If you scroll to the bottom of an artist page, there should now be a box with related artists (final positioning and gui pending). Let me know if you think the recommendations are valuable. The algorithm is a bit rough, but I thought some of the results were interesting. I’ve also added the total number of plays for a user on the user page.

Small update

January 16, 2004

Just finished a small update. We brought the ratings detail page into the modern era. Added an about page, and some nav links above the login panel.

Major new rev

January 12, 2004

We’ve just released a pretty major new rev. Maribel has redone the artist and user pages, and I’ve updated the search page to sort by number of users for each artist (it helps a lot with all of the different artist names).

We’ve got some more stuff on the way so stay tuned for future updates.

Dedicated server

January 6, 2004

The new dedicated server is up! The transition went pretty smoothly and Server Beach’s network seems nice and snappy. As an added bonus, we’re now running on the newest version of PostgreSQL and I’m noticing a pretty decent speed increase.

I imported the data from around 5pm yesterday, so if you uploaded around that time you may need to do it again. I don’t think many people were on though since the DNS records may or may not have been pointing at the right ip.

We’re back!

January 1, 2004

Well, after a bit of a rough patch we’re back up! I’ll try not to look at the web server funny, and hopefully we’ll be ok.

Better recommendations

January 1, 2004

I tweaked my recommendation algorithm and seem to be getting much better results. I also implemented alpha caching, so the the artist pages should load fast again once the cache fills.

Maribel fixed up the layout of the artist page and moved related bands towards the top.

Also, the upload link should now open a new window. Remember to keep it open until the upload finishes.