Archive for February, 2004

Private messages

February 9, 2004

Just added a private messaging feature. If you are signed in, you can now leave private messages for other users. You can check to see if you have any messages by logging in and checking the private message link next to the upload link on your user page.


Artist recommendation lookup

February 6, 2004

I just instituted a better method for doing the artist recommendation lookup. Now the artist page should load fast regardless of whether it’s been viewed or not. The data is a lot fresher now too, so you should see the values change in real time after each upload.

Oh yeah, as a bonus the search works a lot faster now too!

Server issues

February 4, 2004

We had a bit of a server mishap, but I think everything is ok now. The iTunes icons that briefly made an appearance on the artist page are now gone. They looked great but tripled the size of the page, so until we can get a better server setup it’s going to be text only.

New updates

February 3, 2004

We’ve done a few small updates this weekend. Some cross-browser compatibility fixes, and the addition of Google ads (still waiting for more relevant ads to show up).

Right now we’re working on a pretty big update that we hope to have out later this week. Lot’s of gui fine tuning, and a faster caching back-end on the similar artists. Some other stuff too, but you’ll have to wait to see what it is. 🙂