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WimAmp support!

April 23, 2004

Big news! Apparently there is a WinAmp plugin that allows you to export your playlist in iTunes XML format. This means that WinAmp users can now update their stats to Musicmobs! I haven’t personally tested it out, but one user has successfully signed up and uploaded his WinAmp stats. You can check out the plugin here. I’ll add more info about how this works after I find out a bit more. For now though, let your WinAmp friends know that there is a way for them to use Musicmobs.


Artist page updates

April 21, 2004

Put up my first round of artist page changes. Make sure to login to get the full effect. I also moved a lot of info off of the user artist page. So now when you click on an artist in a user library it will take you to just their song list with a link to get to the overall site summary for that artist. Anyway, I hope you guys like it, I sure do.

Album suggestions fix

April 20, 2004

Just tuned up the album suggestions a bit and fixed a bug that was causing multiples of the same album to appear. I also added links to the itms.

User page usability

April 16, 2004

I changed the user page a bit in the first of a series of usability refactorings. The “Favorite Users” and “Top Played Songs” have been moved to their own pages (you can now see all of your songs ordered by play count). I also put up the newest version of my album recommendation algorithm (which produces much better results). Due to the obscure nature of the results, the covers are gone and the album names get displayed in a list. On the plus side the results are now batched.

Album recommendations

April 14, 2004

This is only a test… You can now check out album recommendations for every user. I’m not sure if the results are good or not, so let me know if you hate them or love them. Oh yeah, I will be making it look better (or at least link it to the site a bit more). For now the links just go to Amazon.

Musicmobs on Linux

April 10, 2004

You can now use Musicmobs on Linux! It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but it’s excellent none the less. You’ll need Rhythmbox and Bryan’s Rhythmbox Sync Script. Thanks to Bryan Donovan for making the jump.

Similar users page

April 8, 2004

The back-end is now fully operational on the similar users page! It’s literally a dozen times faster on some user’s pages. Enjoy.

Similar users on trial

April 6, 2004

Similar users is back on a trial basis. It’s still a bit slow, but seems to be doing ok. If it starts bogging down, expect to see it go away while I retool.

More on similar users

April 6, 2004

I had to turn off the similar user feature. It was just a bit too slow. I’ll work on getting some caching written in the next day or two, so I can re-enable it (since it was so sweet!).

Similar users

April 6, 2004

You can now see users that are similar to you (or anyone else for that matter). There’s a link to get to the similar users in the green user info box on the user and user artist pages. The results seem to be pretty interesting.