Musicmobs growth

October 29, 2004

Those of you paying attention to the number of users may have noticed that we have been growing quite a bit lately. Mobster has been very successful and we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback. This is a very good thing, but unfortunately our server is starting to feel the load.

My plan is to start in on a round of optimizations either this weekend or early next week. Things will probably be pretty slow until I get them in place. Even with the optimizations our server is reaching the limit of what it’s going to be able to handle.

If you would like to help support Musicmobs, please use Mobster to buy music from the iTunes Music Store. Currently Apple isn’t supporting programatically constructed links so using Mobster to buy music is the only way we get credited. Hopefully this will change soon.

I’ll post some more news about the optimizations as they develop.


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