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New for end of year

November 11, 2004

Two new things for the end of the first year.

Maribel did a cool new logo and top bar color, but Safari seems to have a problem with caching the old one. If you can’t see it, try emptying your cache.

The other thing is an alpha version of a backup utility for Mac. This page generates an Applescript that will restore your iTunes ratings and playcounts. Just rename the file to end with .applescript after it’s downloaded. It’s useful if something get’s messed up in iTunes or if you need to move to a new computer.


Happy Birthday Musicmobs!

November 11, 2004

It’s hard to believe, but today is the first anniversary of the Musicmobs public launch. I started this project two summers ago as a way to help people find new music and have been trying to guide it’s development towards that goal ever since.

When Musicmobs initially launched it was little more than a list of each user’s top played artists and songs. After the artist page was added, the similar artists algorithm soon followed. Eventually the current site was built up piece by piece with similar users, personalized recommendations and the three band recommendations becoming more useful and popular.

The alpha version of Mobster was released in April of last year with the 1.0 coming out last month. With Mobster 1.0, our popularity greatly increased, gaining over 1000 users in two weeks.

The current state of affairs puts us right above 5000 users, with more joining all the time. With the site growing, I’ve also been looking at ways to make it scale and continue to be a valuable resource for music fans. The new iTunes Affiliate Program is a step in the right direction and along with like-minded services, will help Musicmobs not only cover it’s growing costs but add more useful music finding features.

The future of Musicmobs looks promising. My plan is to do a major re-write of the site this winter. I’ve learned a lot in the last year and would like to make Musicmobs much easier to use and much more effective for finding music. I also plan to continue work on Mobster with a Windows version high on my list of priorities.

Finally, I’d like to thank all of the users and people that have provided feedback. Musicmobs has benefited greatly from your participation. This is still a very young project and it’s future is quite exciting!

Smoothing things out

November 1, 2004

I’ve got most of the queries cleaned up and everything should be much smoother now. There’s some potentially big promotional stuff that’s going on though, so I’m going to leave the update processing at once per day. I think it’s a good trade off to keep the site useable. More updates to come…