Mobster enhancements

December 29, 2004

I just put the newest version of Mobster up to Sourceforge. You can download it here.

It should be ready for use, but I wanted to get some feedback before I submit it to all the usual release sites.

This version doesn’t add to much functionallity, mostly it’s just a restructuring of how Mobster works. Now you don’t need a Musicmobs account to get the “In Your Library” results. I’m moving away from using Mobster for stats updating and this is the first step. Next, I plan to take stats updating totally out of Mobster and have a client app that does the updating and real time submission (whoohoo!). Anyway, that’s probably comming up in the next few months.

The one “enhancement” in this release is that playing your Mob playlists is now optional after creating them. I think it works better, because you’re usually listening to something you like when you want to make a playlist, so now you can finish it before playing the Mob list.

Please reply in this thread with any discussion about the new version.


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