Hardware mishap

January 4, 2005

Well, we’re back! We had a drive failure on New Year’s Eve and have been trying to get everything back to normal since then. You can read about it here.

There’s been some DOS activity lately that caused the failure, so until I can do some rewriting, “Musicmobs Suggests” and the user artist highlighting on the artist page are going to be disabled.

I’ve been working pretty hard on securing a more stable and scalable environment to run Musicmobs on. It’s not going to happen immediately, but as you know, I’m in this for the long haul and am very confident that we are going to be able to grow. There may be some bumps between now and then, but I’m dedicated to making sure things recover as quickly as possible.

I hope the downtime wasn’t too much on an inconvenience. Also, please let me know if something isn’t working correctly (not including the aforementioned changes). I had to rebuild the system and may have missed something.


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