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Mobster improvements

November 10, 2005

We’ve just put up a new version of Mobster 1.3 alpha. Now, you can double click on songs with red dots (songs you don’t have) and you will be sent to the iTunes Music Store so you can sample/buy.

Also an update on 10.3 Mobster compatibility… We’ve tracked down what the problem is and are working on a fix. We have to rewrite some of the XML parsing engine and expect to have a 10.3 compatible Mobster done within a week.


Musicmobs 2.0 live!

November 9, 2005

The new Musicmobs is here at last! There’s a ton of new stuff, so I invite you to take a look around and try to get acquainted with the new site. We’ve got some basic help up here.

You’ll notice a lot of new playlist features. If you’re on OS X 10.4+ you can download the new Mobster to really take advantage of everything. We’re working to support more platforms ASAP, so if you’re on Windows just hang tight. If you have any problems or just want to send in some feedback you can always email Other than that, just enjoy the new site!