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Technical difficulties

December 31, 2005

We’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties over the last couple of days with our stats import process. Everything seems to be smoothed out now though, so if you updated your stats and nothing happened try it again and it should work.


New Mobster for OS X

December 22, 2005

There is a new version of Mobster up for OS X. It has an improved song location algorithm and will now automatically locate your iTunes XML for you (should be helpful for new users). Download Here

Musicmobs Box example

December 20, 2005

Maribel’s got another really nice example of Andrew’s Musicmobs Box:

Andrew’s Musicmobs Box

December 19, 2005

Andrew continues his amazing string of development with a tool that allows you to publish your Musicmobs information on your blog or web page. Check it out here: Musicmobs Box For an example, check out atman’s blog: I’ve decided to add all of Andrew’s applications to the Tools section, so if you’re logged in make sure to take a look. If anyone else develops an application, I’ll list it on that page as well. We’ve got a ton of API that’s not currently documented, so if you see something on the site that you want access to just e-mail me and I’ll help you out.

Updates to Comments page

December 18, 2005

There is a new comments section up on the user pages. We’ve eliminated the separate “Private Comments” link from the main user navigation panel, and added tabs for public, private and playlists comments. The playlists comment section is new and shows you any comments left on playlists you’ve tagged. This should make it much easier to track what’s happening on old playlists without having to constantly go back and check them. If you’re interested in following a conversation thread on a playlist, make sure to tag it so new comments will show up on this page.

Musicmobs Google widget!

December 15, 2005

Andrew has created a Google widget to add to the new Google home page. It’s really cool, so make sure to check it out at:

If you “Edit” the widget, you can switch from related artist mode to playlist mode, which is pretty nice.

Developer documentation

December 12, 2005

We’ve just put up our first pass at some developer documentation. It’s focused on helping you get started doing some basic tasks with the Musicmobs API. There is actually a lot more to the API, but it will take a while to get everything settled and documented. We hope this is a good start. Check it out on the Developer Page.

Recommended DJs

December 11, 2005

We’ve just added a feature called “Recommended DJs” to your playlist inbox. This will show you users that are making playlists you might find interesting. If you like their playlists, you can add them as a favorite user to get all of their created or tagged playlists delivered straight to your inbox.

Mobster and playlists

December 9, 2005

Mobster with playlists now works on 10.3! You can download it here.

Let us know if there are any bugs. We are still cleaning some things up and will properly release soon.

Layout changes

December 7, 2005

Just playing around with some layout changes. Clear your browser cache for best results.