New RSS feeds

December 1, 2005

Just a few updates…

It was getting a bit difficult to track playlist comments now that there are more people posting them, so we created a new RSS feed. If you go to your Tools page you can subscribe to the “New comments on any playlist you’ve tagged” feed. This will update you with new comments posted to any playlist that you’ve tagged (duh). It should be a lot easier to track conversations this way.

You’ll also notice some updated wording on the Tools page. Hopefully, the RSS feeds are a bit more descriptive now, and the cryptic “Publish A Playlist” section is at least semi-comprehensible.

As for Mobster, the back-porting to OS X 10.3 turned out to be more of a PITA than previously expected. We’ve had to rewrite large chunks of code, and are just working out the final bugs. Expect it soon.

On the plus side, we are almost done with Mobster for Windows! This is a total rewrite and it looks very cool. Stay tuned for an announcement way sooner than expected.


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