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Mobster for Windows advances

January 26, 2006

The launch of Mobster for Windows continues to advance. We’ve got a new release for everyone to play with and it contains quite a few enhancements. Grab the download here: Change Log:

  • The recommended artist track list now contains all of the tracks for the artists available in iTunes.
  • Artist selection in ‘Recommended Artists’ changes the visible track list. To see all tracks again, click the artists column header.
  • More intelligent caching of loaded playlists.
  • Update playlist list in ‘Publish Playlists’ when appropriate.
  • Moved ‘Watch iTunes’ checkbox back to the main window.
  • Option to open playlists in browser after publishing (default on).
  • Artist and track lists now using VirtualMode for snappier feedback.
  • A few small interface changes to make things more consistent/pretty.

Getting closer

January 16, 2006

We are getting close to a 1.0 version of Mobster for Windows! We’ve just released a new version that should fix some bugs, improve usability and help get .NET 2.0 installed if you don’t already have it. Check it out below, and please email us with any bugs if you find them.

New Mobster beta

January 4, 2006

There’s a new beta version of Mobster for Windows up that fixes some of the crash on startup issues. Get it here: .NET 2.0 Updater

Windows Mobster beta test

January 3, 2006

Beta testing of the Windows Mobster is officially under way! If you would like to help with the testing or add your input please join our mailing list. You can download the latest beta here: Mobster for Windows requires the .NET 2.0 library which you can get here: .NET 2.0 Updater We’ll be updating the news as new releases become available.