Mobster for Windows advances

January 26, 2006

The launch of Mobster for Windows continues to advance. We’ve got a new release for everyone to play with and it contains quite a few enhancements. Grab the download here: Change Log:

  • The recommended artist track list now contains all of the tracks for the artists available in iTunes.
  • Artist selection in ‘Recommended Artists’ changes the visible track list. To see all tracks again, click the artists column header.
  • More intelligent caching of loaded playlists.
  • Update playlist list in ‘Publish Playlists’ when appropriate.
  • Moved ‘Watch iTunes’ checkbox back to the main window.
  • Option to open playlists in browser after publishing (default on).
  • Artist and track lists now using VirtualMode for snappier feedback.
  • A few small interface changes to make things more consistent/pretty.

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