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The Album Cloud

February 22, 2006

Andrew has just created another Musicmobs toy called the album cloud. It’s pretty cool, so be sure to check it out. Basically it takes a user’s top played albums (that Amazon has art for) and sizes them based on the number of times played. Similar users are included for navigation purposes. Neat!

my cloud


Official Mobster 1.0 for Windows

February 11, 2006

The official 1.0 release of Mobster for Windows is finally here! Windows users can now upload their playlists and play the playlists they find on Musicmobs. Windows Mobster was built by Jeff, the newest member of our team (welcome aboard!). If you find any bugs or have feedback, be sure to let him know about it. We’ve also updated our look to coincide with the new release. Maribel did a great job on the new header and the beautiful new Mobster page. We hope you like it. If things look funny, make sure to empty out your browser cache. We’ve got some other major developments brewing as well, so stay tuned for further updates.