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Top Playlists This Month

October 11, 2006

We’ve been going back and forth on the time period to use for the top playlists section of the index. Lately the new and top lists have been pretty similar so we just changed the top playlists to cover the previous month. If it looks like things are getting too static we can switch it back.


Stats Processing Bump

October 11, 2006

Our stats processor crashed the other day and stopped importing play counts. Everything is back up now, so if you’ve had problems with your profile give it another shot.

Enhanced Album Cloud

October 7, 2006

Andrew has just released an updated version of his album cloud script. The album cloud displays your top played albums and sizes each cover by the number of plays. You can find a link to your cloud on the tools page of your Musicmobs profile.

The new version comes with some simple instructions for embedding the cloud on external sites, as well as support. Make sure to check it out here: