XSPF Clean Up

November 22, 2006

Our friend Paul Lamere has been working on some interesting new XSPF tools that integrate with the Musicmobs API. We’ve cleaned up our XSPF output to be more compliant with the spec, but as a result the iTunes Music Store links in Mobster are now broken. We’ll try to get new versions out ASAP. Until then, the itms links on the web site are still functional as a workaround.


4 Responses to “XSPF Clean Up”

  1. Andrea Miner Says:

    I don’t really understand what XSPF is… is that a bad thing that I don’t? lol. Is it like what puts the playlists together and viewable to others? I’m very confused.

  2. Toby Says:

    Not bad at all! 😉 XSPF is a XML format that lots of people have agreed to use to represent playlists. That means you can take a playlist from Musicmobs or Last.fm and do “something” with it using third party tools. Paul’s app is very developer-centric so it probably won’t be too useful for end users (that’s you!).

    To complicate things even further there are generally two types of XSPFs. Muscimobs and Last.fm do not add file paths to the songs. That means our playlists are just lists of artist/album/song names. Our XSPF tools (like the Rhapsody content resolver), take that information and try to do something useful with it.

    The second type of XSPF (and more common type) actually has links to files. If you look at Webjay (the founder of which invented XSPF) or Hype Machine, you’ll see that you can stream the songs direct to flash. Very useful too, but you have to watch out for piracy when you start pointing to actual files.

  3. Andrea Miner Says:

    Ooooh okay. That’s kinda what I thought it was. Thank you! It makes more sense now. 😀

  4. Jenny Says:

    I’ve been using Mobster to resolve xspf-playlists against my Itunes library for quite some time now, and it works perfectly together with the xspf-lists published here: http://www.audioscrobbler.net/data/webservices/

    Yesterday I published a couple of greasemonkey scripts which link directly from any artist, tag and user page at last.fm to the corresponding playlist.

    Read more about it here: http://www.last.fm/user/carmosin/journal/2007/04/20/401289/

    Maybe someone more than me finds it useful 🙂

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