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Mobster update

March 31, 2004

Mobster update: I just fixed the bug that was breaking Mobster for most people (if you could get it to run at all!). I’m working on making it compatible with 10.2, and adding Mobster verbiage/linkage to the site. Stay tuned for some more cool stuff coming down the pipeline as well.


Related artist rewrite

March 27, 2004

Just finished up with the related artist query rewrite. Seems to be working a lot better (you guys are really giving my optimization skills a workout!). I had to tweak some of the import back-end so let me know if it looks like anything broke.

Speeding things up

March 25, 2004

It looks like the related artist query is starting to slow down a bit. I’m going to have to re-work it to try to speed it up, but it will take a little while so bear with it for now. I’m also in the process of trying to get some new servers, which we are starting to really need. The site has been growing quite a bit lately and it’s almost time for an upgrade. Just to give everyone an idea we are up to:

1,564 users
831 uploaders
2,281,432 songs
100,044 artists
3,506,954 plays

Eventually I’ll probably put these stats on the front page.

Welcome Slashdotters!

March 22, 2004

Looks like the site held up pretty well, to the moderate inundation it received.

In other news, it turns out Mobster is not compatible with OS X 10.2. I don’t have a copy lying around, but will try to track down and quash the incompatibilities none the less. If you’d like to help out, or just take a look at the source, you can grab it at the Sourceforge project page.

Mobster 1.0

March 18, 2004

Ok, big news. I’ve been working on an open source OS X client for Musicmobs. I just finished putting it up on Sourceforge and you can download it here.

Right now it allows you to update your stats and do related artist queries. Let me know what you think of it. Also, if anyone wants to look at the code, and implement a Windows version (or a plugin for another mp3 player) please let me know and I’ll help you out.

I plan on updating the website with more info about this, but I figured I’d give the people who read the news an early introduction.

Related artist query

March 18, 2004

Oh yeah, I re-wrote the related artist query and now it’s returning much better results. It was actually hooked up to Mobster but now it’s implemented here as well, so the results should match.

Stats import

March 14, 2004

I just finished reworking some of the import backend. It should slow the site down less now. As usual, let me know if anything seems broken. Oh yeah, I’m also working on a solution for those of you having problems getting your data in (I haven’t forgotten about you!)

Secret Machines

March 11, 2004

We’re going to stick with The Secret Machines banner for a while. You can download the album from the itms, or click the ad to hear some of it for free.

Messing with the ads

March 5, 2004

Ok, I’m still messing with the ads. Expect some more rotation while I experiment.

Banner ads

March 2, 2004

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of updates but I’ve been busy working on some hopefully cool stuff. A few quick notes. The Google ads are gone (as you can see). They were underperforming to say the least, so I replaced them with Neflix ads. I’ve used Netflix before and think that some of you may enjoy them. I’m also working on getting some more music centered ads (read: for new bands). That’s all in development though, so just hang with the Netflix ones for now.

Stick around for some more big news coming soon. I’ve been working on a couple things and hope to have them done sometime next week (no promises though!).